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Driveway Repair Services in Sarasota

Driveway repairs is a service we provide to our community on a weekly basis. Is your driveway in rough shape and an eye soar on your property? No looking to spend a few thousands dollars (or more depending on the square footage) to remove and repour a new driveway? Well your in luck because Prince Concrete company does driveway repairs!

Is your driveway showing its age with cracks, heaving, spalling and other signs of wear and tear? Many of these surfaces can be renewed without having to be completely replaced! The 2 rules of thumb I have is that if your driveway is not allowing water to leak through it and into your sub soil, or its not crumbling in a major way, then it can probably be repaired. Pretty much any size crack or hole can be repoured and resurfaced.

Does your sidewalk need some work as well? We also pour sidewalks and walkways

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